PluraVida's technology is empowering the world's leading content companies as they go to market with a wide variety of partners, channels, and revenue models. Our products support a variety of content-related settlement needs across all content types, channels, territories, and revenue models. 

Our customers are online and mobile multi-channel networks, distributors, content owners, and rights holders.


PluraVida Atmosphere

Scale & Transparency for Digital Content Settlement

Partner and data management, customized statements, partner payments, reporting across outlets, channels, and assets.

  • Easily understand income, performance, transaction-related expenses
  • Manage participations, royalty, commissions, referral, and affiliate relationships
  • Automated to manage digital channels and partner performance
  • Single portal to manage transactions from a variety of channels
  • Accurate, transparent, and timely information stored in presentment ledgers for easy and customizable statements
  • Key integrations with YouTube and Dwolla
We pay thousands of creators on a monthly basis. PluraVida is our secret weapon to make sure we do that accurately and on time.
— Reza Izad, CEO, Studio71

Industry-Leading Technology

Built on a framework that has managed some of the world’s largest digital economies 


Our clients and their partners span content creators and talent, together on online video and music channels, publishers, distributed players and mobile apps - each generating billions of transactions.  

  • Millions of assets
  • Hundreds of thousands of channels
  • Tens of thousands of partners
  • $5BN in revenue and settlements confirmed
The reality is... most distributors are under pressure to grow a profitable business in highly competitive premium content verticals. Having access to PluraVida’s products and data allows them to better assess revenue and the costs of content monetization. Things like talent management, content policy management, and determining revenue from direct and syndicated content distribution. Working with us ultimately lets a company stress test and manage their business model and understand if it is actually going to work.
— Sam Gilchrist, CEO



PluraVida CEO on partner management, monetization, and the complexities of digital settlement.

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