Shared Data and the Future of Rights Management

Henrik de Gyor from Rights.Tech recently caught up with PluraVida CEO Sam Gilchrist to asses the current situation in digital rights management and get insights on where the industry is going. There have been a variety of advances,  Google's Content ID system being a great example, that show what's possible with cooperation from all stakeholders (rights holders, content owners, distributors, publishers, and creators).

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PluraVida Announces ATMOSPHERE Spring 2015 Release

PluraVida is excited to announce the latest version of Atmosphere. This web-based platform empowers Multichannel Networks, Direct Distributors, and Digital Content Owners, by enabling them to manage the growth of their networks, through enhanced and flexible integrations, deal management and content settlements features.

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What's the Difference Between Earning $500k per Month and Zero?

PluraVida CEO Sam Gilchrist spoke about monetization strategies and these types of discrepancies last week at Digital Hollywood 2015 in Marina del Rey, CA.

Our team had a productive three days at the conference, meeting with other industry leaders to talk about content, monetization, and the complex world of digital settlement.

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Content, Copyright, and Commerce: PluraVida at SxSW

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of acquiring content and the necessary rights to use it. This panel will boil it down to the essentials: who are the rights holders? What are your options? How do I get to key decision makers?

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The Future of Digital Media, Today

PluraVida, Inc., together with veterans of Tradescape, Inc.'s, supply side media business, has launched to scale technologies and services to provide digital media companies with the tools necessary to manage the complexity of settlement from direct and syndicated content distribution; thereby accurately accounting for who owes whom, and how much.

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PluraVida Introduces New Atmosphere Video


8020 Consulting recently released a customer spotlight on how multi-platform entertainment company Studio71 is using PluraVida Atmosphere to streamline their digital settlement and eliminate growth barriers. caught up with PluraVida CEO, Sam Gilchrist to talk about monetization, scale, transparency, and settlement in the new world of digital media.


PluraVida and Dwolla announce partnership to simplify BTB settlement services for digital media industry. The two companies working together to address issues facing digital media industry and content providers.