PluraVida Announces Atmosphere™

PluraVida is pleased to announce the launch of ATMOSPHERE,  our latest product, to support content related settlement and payment needs of content distribution companies as they go to market with partner-centric business model.  Atmosphere clients include content creators, content producers, content  publishers and syndicators and their partners.

The Digital Media market contains a myriad of partnerships established to support the distribution of content to end consumers. These partnerships are supported by fee-based, revenue share, goal-based, greater-of scenarios, and a wide variety of contract models. Each of these is based on large volumes of micro-transactions, a variety of pricing models, and tax obligations, all of which affects the settlement of $Billions in commerce.  Each model has the ability to generate billions of transactions, numerous income statements and thousands of payments. 

Atmosphere provides the flexibility, transparency, accuracy and scalability to meet these challenges. PluraVida launched Atmosphere  to provide clients with the tools necessary to manage this complexity and to accurately account for who owes whom, and how much.

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