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PluraVida, Inc., together with veterans of Tradescape, Inc.'s, supply side media business, has launched to scale technologies and services to provide digital media companies with the tools necessary to manage the complexity of settlement from direct and syndicated content distribution; thereby accurately accounting for who owes whom, and how much.

These ecosystems are defined by a wide variety of revenue and partner settlement models, each based on large volumes of micro transactions, millions of assets, and a myriad of partnerships. PluraVida's Atmosphere and Global product lines support leading content companies as they go to market with partners. This process generates literally billions of transactions, and requires settlement technology that is flexible, transparent, accurate and scalable. 

Management Team

PluraVida's management team has deep domain expertise in media and telecoms large scale data processing, content management, and partner management solutions. Sam Gilchrist leads the new company, along with Jolyon Oberman (Chief Technology Officer), Margarita Bendersky (VP of Product Development) and Luz Lacson (VP of Product Management).  

The management team has a combined 40 years of enterprise technology experience and has produced over $50MM in software sales for products that have monitored, managed and settled over 30 trillion transactions valued at $10BN (USD) in commerce.

PluraVida is headquartered in New York City, and hubs its operations in Los Angeles.

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