PluraVida CEO to Speak at SxSW

PluraVida at SxSW, March 2015

Content, Copyright, and Commerce

Sam Gilchrist, PluraVida CEO, will participate in an intimate discussion regarding content and rights in an evolving Digital Media ecosystem. With the definition of content and channels evolving, this hot topic will be relevant for distributors, syndicators, content creators and rights focused companies. Please join us at SxSW 2015.

Synopsis: Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of acquiring content and the necessary rights to use it. This panel will boil it down to the essentials:

  • Who are the rights holders?
  • What are your options?
  • How do I get to key decision makers?
  • DIY or hire outside counsel?

The panelists will discuss hot button topics such as direct licensing vs. blanket licensing - pros and cons, safe harbor/DMCA protection or not? Specific rights clearance needed for each type of content use (e.g. synch/mechanical/performance), international issues, current industry trends and the legal environment.

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