PluraVida and Dwolla Ink Strategic Partnership

Deal increases efficiency and lowers cost for
Digital Content Networks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 11, 2015

Anand Gan
DT Media & Entertainment

Elliott Suthers
Highwire PR for Dwolla


Los Angeles, CA – Today, PluraVida, the digital content settlements platform provider, and
Dwolla, the Internet powered payment network, announce their partnership aiming to transform the digital settlement industry for the hundreds of billions of transactions generated each year by leading content companies.

This alliance addresses key challenges to content providers, publishers, and their partners,
improving efficiency by transforming the digital settlement market through PluraVida’s
Atmosphere product, an end-to-end solution providing partner and payment management.
Customers enjoy a best-in-class payment platform enabling fast, reliable, and seamless domestic payments from Music, Videos and Social commerce. Atmosphere provides a scalable and transparent settlement solution in one-click setup.

"In the process of selecting a domestic B2B payments platform, we found Dwolla to exhibit the
traits that have made PluraVida successful: high quality/fast paced delivery, customer-centric
service, and flexible integration,”
said Sam Gilchrist, PluraVida’s Co-Founder and CEO. 

“Dwolla’s passion for payments is a perfect fit with PluraVida’s mission to simplify the complexity of digital media settlements. Our clients benefit from a single solution that provides an end-to-end, secure partner and payments management capability.” "Payments shouldn't have to be a separate process, complicated, or manual,” said Anne Driscoll, Dwolla’s VP of Marketing and Sales. “The PluraVida Atmopshere integration shows how our digital payment product can allow any platform to offer an end to end solution in a seamless usercentric way.”

Pluravida leverages Dwolla's API to provide a scalable disbursement tool to their clients and their customers within the Atmosphere product.

Meet PluraVida CEO, Sam Gilchrist, at Digital Entertainment World, through Thursday, February 12 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Los Angeles.

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About PluraVida:

PluraVida, together with veterans of Tradescape, Inc.'s, supply side media business, launched to scale technologies and services to provide digital media companies with the tools necessary to manage the complexity of settlement from direct and syndicated content distribution; thereby accurately accounting for who owes whom, and how much. These ecosystems are defined by a wide variety of revenue and partner settlement models, each based on large volumes of micro transactions, millions of assets, and a myriad of partnerships. PluraVida's Atmosphere and Global product lines support leading content companies as they go to market with partners. PluraVida’s products have managed over $5BN in commerce generated from Video, Music, and Social related transactions. PluraVida is based in Los Angeles, CA.

About Dwolla:

Dwolla creates an end-to-end, open-loop payment solution for anything connected to the
Internet. The back-end software uses strategic financial partnerships and existing bank accounts to turn mobile phones, computers, social communities, and even physical locations into a secure network that bypasses, streamlines, or replaces components of current card and bank transfer systems. This allows friends, families, merchants, enterprise businesses, even the U.S. Federal Government to electronically send and receive funds, like cash, but without the fees and constraints of traditional debit and credit cards. Dwolla has raised over $30 million from CME Group, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, et al and is based in Des Moines, Iowa.