PluraVida Announces ATMOSPHERE Spring 2015 Release

Scale and Transparency for Digital Settlement

PluraVida is excited to announce the latest version of Atmosphere. This web-based platform empowers Multichannel Networks, Direct Distributors, and Digital Content Owners, by enabling them to manage the growth of their networks, through enhanced and flexible integrations, deal management and content settlements features.

Spring 2015 Release Features:

The Spring Release of Atmosphere contains enhancements to Atmosphere's Workflow, new Partner Management features, support for new Contract types and support for additional Income sources.

Highlights of the Release include:

Partner Management

  • DWOLLA Payment integration - Seamless integration to enable the industries most efficient payment platform
  • New support for more complex Commissions/Lead Generation Models 
  • Enhanced support for Talent Management Companies
  • Talent Management Company and Lead Generation Company special Statements
  • UGC exclusion support to provide flexibility for Partner Expense calculations
  • Enhanced Advance/Recoupment features to simplify the implementation of performance based automated recoupment schedules based on Income Type, Monthly Caps, Minimum Performance, Prorated Schedules, Fixed Schedules and much more

New Income Types

  • Support for YouTube music licensing income types (4 new income types are planned for an early Summer release)

Enhanced Home Dashboard

  • Release 1.3.5 provides users with new TO DO Status Descriptions and improves workflow statuses highlighting workflow progress (for Income Upload, Approval of Expense Calculations, Statement Generation and much more!)


Upcoming Summer 2015 Release Preview

MCNs, DSPs and Content Owners use Atmosphere manage income from direct and syndicated distribution, all on a single platform. Atmosphere operationalizes the industries' widest variety of Distribution and Royalty contracts, and provide reporting, statements and payments services to their Partners
During the summer, 2015, we will be releasing new features and capabilities to enable our customers to manage the evolution of their businesses.

Planned new features include:

  • PluraVida High Performance (PVHP) APIs - New Inbound and Outbound data interfaces for easy ingestion of Partners, Contracts and Content, and seamlessly access settlement transaction history, Partner statements and network information (active Partners, Channels, Content and more).  
    Easily integrate Atmosphere into your enterprise!

  • New Income Types - Enhanced support for Music related integrations (SoundCloud, YouTube music services, iTunes...), Video related integrations, Merchandise, and many more platforms coming

  • Improved Analytics and Reporting for insight into Country, Network, Partner, Channel and Content Performance!