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PluraVida CEO Sam Gilchrist Talks to Rights.Tech about Challenges, Successes, and Misses in Digital Rights Management


Henrik de Gyor from Rights.Tech recently caught up with PluraVida CEO Sam Gilchrist to asses the current situation in digital rights management and get insights on where the industry is going. There have been a variety of advances,  Google's Content ID system being a great example, that show what's possible with cooperation from all stakeholders (rights holders, content owners, distributors, publishers, and creators).



Sam talks in depth about the growth opportunities for rights management, focusing on the importance of data sharing. He explains the importance of opening closed systems to make data more available to those who seek the authority to use content through licensing. He also discusses the role of technology and API-based services in helping distributors, platform services, and content creators to easily access data and take the risk out of the creative process, while increasing business development opportunities.

He also covers topics like important changes and innovation in rights tech, advice and best practices, and a list of best sources of information in staying on top of this important topic.

Sam will also be speaking on a panel, "RightsTech in the Enterprise" at the upcoming Rights.Tech Summit in New York City on July 26. He is an Advisory Board member of RightsTech and considered a leader and innovator in the field of rights technology and digital settlement .

For more information on the July panel click here.